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EPS·it Educational Resources


EPS·it Educational Resources

During the school year, our students may have the opportunity to use District-approved websites and applications for educational purposes that require student registration prior to use. The District is committed to the safety of our students, especially when it comes to using online resources. Therefore, all apps and websites used for educational purposes in the District go through an administrative approval process. The approved online resources the District employs provide some of the most compelling new educational tools for students and help them develop into responsible digital citizens.

Here is the link of all Officially Approved apps and websites used for educational purposes in the District that have gone through the administrative approval process 


Below is the list of applications, websites, and extensions that have been or are in the process of being reviewed by the District. This resource site will be kept current as new applications, websites, and extensions are requested for use in the District. 

Please note that not all students use every resource in the list below. Teachers only use these resources as appropriate for age, subject, and grade level. 

All Chromebook Apps or Extensions are Blocked until they are reviewed. The status of approval or denial will be posted once reviewed.

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