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Enid Public Schools is a student-centered district that consists of one high school, three middle schools, eleven elementary schools, which are commonly referred to as "neighborhood" schools and one early childhood center. The district also has an alternative school, as well as an adult education center.

High School
Landscape View facing Enid High School

9th - 12th

Enid High School

611 W. Wabash

Phone: 580-366-8300
Fax: 580-366-8905

Landscape View facing Enid Athletics

6th - 12th

Enid Athletics

500 S. Independence

Phone: 580-366-8350
Fax: 580-366-8922

Middle Schools
Landscape View facing Emerson Middle School

6th - 8th

Emerson Middle School

700 W. Elm

Phone: 580-366-7250
Fax: 580-366-8903

Landscape View facing Longfellow Middle School

6th - 8th

Longfellow Middle School

900 E. Broadway

Phone: 580-366-8200
Fax: 580-366-8912

Landscape View facing Waller Middle School

6th - 8th

Waller Middle School

2604 W. Randolph

Phone: 580-366-7900
Fax: 580-366-8917

Elementary Schools
Landscape View facing Adams Elementary School

K - 5th

Adams Elementary School

2200 E. Randolph

Phone: 580-366-7600
Fax: 580-366-8901

Landscape View facing Coolidge Elementary School

PreK - 5th

Coolidge Elementary School

1515 E. Ash

Phone: 580-366-7550
Fax: 580-366-8902

Landscape View facing Eisenhower Elementary

PreK - 5th

Eisenhower Elementary

1301 Fox Drive

Phone: 580-366-8100
Fax: 580-366-8911

Landscape View facing Garfield Elementary

K - 5th

Garfield Elementary

400 N. 7th Street

Phone: 580-366-7700
Fax: 580-366-8907

Landscape View facing Glenwood Elementary School

PreK - 5th

Glenwood Elementary School

824 N. Oakwood

Phone: 580-366-7800
Fax: 580-366-8908

Landscape View facing Hayes Elementary

PreK - 5th

Hayes Elementary

2102 Beverly Drive

Phone: 580-366-7650
Fax: 580-366-8909

Landscape View facing Hoover Elementary School

PreK - 5th

Hoover Elementary School

2800 W. Maine

Phone: 580-366-7350
Fax: 580-366-8910

Landscape View facing McKinley Elementary School

PreK - 5th

McKinley Elementary School

1701 W. Broadway

Phone: 580-366-7400
Fax: 580-366-8913

Landscape View facing Monroe Elementary School

PreK - 5th

Monroe Elementary School

400 W. Cottonwood

Phone: 580-366-7500
Fax: 580-366-8914

Landscape View facing Prairie View Elementary School

PreK - 5th

Prairie View Elementary School

4700 W. Willow

Phone: 580-366-8000
Fax: 580-366-8915

Landscape View facing Taft Elementary School

PreK - 5th

Taft Elementary School

1002 Sequoyah

Phone: 580-366-7450
Fax: 580-366-8916

Early Childhood Center
Landscape View facing Carver Early Childhood Center

Head Start - PreK

Carver Early Childhood Center

815 Pastor Alfred Baldwin Jr. Way

Phone: 580-366-8600
Fax: 580-366-8918

Landscape View facing Fowler Early Childhood Center

Head Start - PreK

Fowler Early Childhood Center

102 S 30th

Phone: 580-366-8620
Fax: 580-366-8935

Alternative Education / Adult Education
Landscape View facing Lincoln Academy

9th - 12th

Lincoln Academy

600 W Elm Ave

Phone: 580-366-8150
Fax: 580-366-8919

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